Глагол to be
с выражением удивления

English exercise. Study the speech pattern and do the exercise according to it. The question after the statement expresses surprise. Then comes another statement confirming the fact.

Упражнение по английскому. Изучите речевой образец и выполните упражнение согласно ему. Вопрос после утверждения выражает удивление. Затем следует другое утверждение, подтверждающее факт.

- Tom is in Moscow.
- In Moscow?
- Yes, he’s in Moscow now.

Susan is in London.
Miss Green is in Oxford.
Paul is in New York.
Mr. Jones is in Liverpool.
Dr. Smirnov is in Berlin.
Mrs. Grey is in Paris.
Mr. and Mrs. Brown are in Italy.
Jack and Joan are in France.
Tom and Ann are in Kiev.
Miss Black and her mother are in Poland.
Leo is in Amsterdam.
Miss Palm is in Washington.
Greg is in Scotland.
Mr. White is in Ireland.
Professor Grand is in Saint Petersburg.
Mrs. Bolster is in Brazil.
Mr. and Mrs. Blumberg are in Africa.
Jasmine and Lily are in Spain.
Alice and Olivia are in Argentina.
Miss Black and her friends are in Germany.

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