there is : ?

English exercise. Add question-tags to the following statements. Then answer the questions.
. . .

a) Theres a good film on TV tonight.
Theres a good film on TV tonight, isnt there?
Yes, there is. (No, there isnt.)
b) There arent any museums in this street.
There arent any museums in this street, are there?
Yes, there are. (No, there arent.)

There are a lot of people at the stadium.
Theres a bus at the bus stop.
There are a few changes in the text.
There are plenty of glasses in the cupboard.
There isnt anything on the pan.
There isnt anybody in the room.
Theres something on the shelf.
There are difficult exercises in this book.
Theres a very important letter for John.
There are several empty seats in the room.
There arent any dishes on the table.
There isnt any sugar in the sugar-basin.
There arent any pears on the plate.
Theres a pair of gloves on the counter.
There are plenty of apples on the trees this year.
There are some long stories in the book.
Theres some chalk here.
There are some nice hats in the shop.
There are some clean shirts in the drawer.
There are pleasant curtains in the room.