English exercise. Answer the following questions according to the speech pattern. Use the superlative degree of adjectives and the given suggestions.

. . .

- She is a bright girl, isnt she? (in her class)
- Yes, she is the brightest girl in her class.

Helen is a fast runner, isnt she? (in our team)
Its a funny story, isnt it? (in the book)
Jack is a clever boy, isnt he? (in their family)
Hes a good athlete, isnt he? (in the college)
Its a bad park, isnt it? (in our town)
Its a difficult exercise, isnt it? (of the lesson)
Hes a popular singer, isnt he? (in the country)
Mary is a talented dancer, isnt she? (in the company)
Its an exciting novel, isnt it? (by this author)
Michael is an experienced worker, isnt he? (in our factory)
Its an interesting article, isnt it? (in the newspaper)
Ruth is an intelligent girl, isnt she? (in their family)
Hes a brave man, isnt he? (among his friends)
Its a beautiful lake, isnt it? (in our city)
Its an easy lesson, isnt it? (in the schedule)
Shes a famous actress, isnt she? (of her time)
George is a curious child, isnt he? (in the kindergarten)
Its a brilliant film, isnt it? (by this producer)