Less or Fewer

English exercise. Make sentences of comparison, using “less” (uncountable nouns) or “fewer” (countable nouns) with the words suggested.
Упражнение по английскому. Составьте предложения со сравнениями, используя “less” (“меньше” с неисчисляемыми существительными) или “fewer” (“меньше” с исчисляемыми существительными) со словами в скобках.

- I have a lot of work. (John)
John has less work.
- They have so many children. (The Petrovs)
The Petrovs have fewer children.

Bobby has too many toys. (Nelly)
He has so much free time. (I)
We have so many flowers in the garden.(they)
He has a lot of money. (his brother)
I have too many mistakes in my dictation.(Vera)
We have a lot of rain in summer. (they)
She has many friends. (her neighbor)
My colleague has a lot of relatives.(my boss)
George and Mike have many CDs. (their classmates)
In Austria people have a lot of snow in winter. (in Africa people)
I have much water in my cup. (my guest)
She has many new dresses. (her friend)
We have a lot of fun at the party. (my parents)
Alice has many proposals. (her sister)
He has too much spare time. (his father)

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