Have / Has got – У меня / У неё есть + of one's own

English exercise. Extend the statements according to the speech pattern using the words suggested in brackets.
Упражнение по английскому. Сделайте предложение более длинным согласно модели, используя предложенные в скобках слова.

Mary is a lucky girl. (a flat)
She’s got a flat of her own.

Mr. Brown is a lucky man. (a car)
Bob is a lucky boy. (a boat)
Jane is a lucky girl. (a TV set)
My brother is a lucky man. (a motor cycle)
Mrs Wood is a lucky woman. (a washing-machine)
Miss White is a lucky girl. (a telephone)
The Greys are lucky people. (a garden)
We are lucky. (a radio)
I’m very happy. (a sewing machine)
Tom is very happy. (a kitten)
The children are very happy. (a dog)
Our neighbours are lucky. (a new house)
I’m very happy. (a dishwasher)
My son is very happy. (a bicycle)
Her friend is very happy. (a business )

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