Конструкция с “enough”
Enough for you to… – Достаточно для того, чтобы…

English Exercise. Join each pair of sentences into one according to the speech pattern.
Упражнение по английскому. Соедините каждую пару предложений в одну согласно речевой модели.

- There’s ink in the pen. You can write several letters.
- There’s enough ink in the pen for you to write several letters.

There’s light in the room. I can read the book.
There’s food in the kitchen. We can feed the whole family.
There are shops in this street. You can buy everything you want.
There’s fruit in the garden. We can share it with everybody.
There’s ink in the bottle. You can fill your fountain-pen.
There’s milk in the bottle. John can drink it for breakfast.
There are boats on the river. The boys can go boating.
There are plums on the plate. Everybody can have some.
There is much money in your wallet. You can afford a trendy watch.
There are students in the classroom. They can communicate well.
There are exercises in the textbook. You can practice your English.

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