Отрицание с глаголом to be +
профессии + артикль с профессиями

English exercise. Complete the sentences of contrast. Use the words in the brackets.

Упражнение по английскому. Закончите предложения с противоположностью. Используйте слова в скобках.

- I’m a doctor. (My brother) - My brother isn’t a doctor.
- They’re schoolboys. (Their friends) - Their friends aren’t schoolboys.

Peter is a student. (His younger sister)
Mother is an engineer. (Father)
My uncle is a teacher. (His wife)
We are students. (Our friends)
Paul’s sister is a surgeon. (His cousin)
Mary’s mother is a housewife. (Her aunt)
My grandfather is an architect. (My uncle)
Kitty’s sisters are actresses. (Her mother)
We are first-year students. (Helen and John)
My parents are pensioners. (Nick’s parents)
Colin is a worker. (His elder brother)
Mother is a waiter. (Father)
His aunt is a scientist. (Her husband)
We are firemen. (Their friends)
Clave’s brother is a sailor. (His cousin)
Lucy’s sister is a singer. (Her aunt)
My grandfather is a druggist. (My grandmother)
Ann’s sisters are sellers. (Her brothers)
We are cooks. (Paul and Alice)
Our parents are builders. (Lionel’s parents)

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