Almost & Just в конструкци€х
asЕasЕ + one как заменитель существительного

English exercise. Respond twice to the following statements, using the words УalmostФ and УjustФ with the construction Уas ... as...Ф

”пражнение по английскому. ќтветьте дважды на следующие утверждени€, использу€ слова Ђпочтиї и Ђвсего лишьї с конструкцией Ђтакой же.. какЕї

- That hat is as cheap as this one.
- That hat is almost as cheap as this one.
- That hat is just as cheap as this one.

This exercise is as easy as the last one.
This girl is as pretty as her sister.
The bedroom is as wide as the living-room.
Jack is as tall as his cousin.
IТve made as few mistakes as he has.
Ernest has as little free time as his brother.
IТve got as many things to do as you have.
In my room thereТs as much furniture as in yours.
My suit is as new as yours.
This lamp is as bright as that lamp.
Your cousin as is pretty as mine.
My brother is as intelligent as I am.
This book is as interesting as that one.
Her voice is as deep as AnnТs.
Our flat is as cosy as yours.

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